FACEBOOK SMALL BUSINESS TOOLS [5 Facebook tools that helps small businesses in driving sales]


The importance and impact of social media is no secret now. While it’s importance was already growing, the current pandemic situation has taken it to the next level.

Take Facebook for instance which has around 2.79 billion users worldwide and the increase in it is 8.7% annually. The company currently owns other platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook messenger each with over a billion of users.

That’s why Small Businesses are taking full advantage of the most used social media platform. With over 90 million of recorded Small Businesses using Facebook, the company is also trying to give them the best effective experience possible.

So every now and then they introduce new features while enhancing the existing ones. Facebook Small Businesses Tools are what they call them.

So in this blog, I will try to discuss each one of them though it won’t be as comprehensive as it needs to be but nevertheless it will definitely give you the idea of their importance and effectiveness.

Some of Facebook Tools that can increase awareness, customers, support and eventually business are:

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Business Account
  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Live (Marketing)

Facebook Page:

Facebook page is the arena where you can showcase your business. Now it’s up to your marketing and strategic team that how effective they do it. On Facebook, from February to May 2020, clicks on searches for local businesses increased by 23% (source Facebook).

You can share the vision of your business and tell potential customers what you do best. Share your ideas and products with people whom you feel have the interest. Build a proper strategy to reach out to these potential customers. And make them loyal to your brand/business.

Facebook Page have all the necessary features at your fingertips to make long-lasting connections. All this can be achieved by making the customer experience a delight. Make sure they do not leave your page and their entire buying experience is within the Facebook page.

It is very easy to create a page. How to create a Facebook business page? Please visit the link below;

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Instagram Business Account:

Facebook is gradually integrating Instagram with its core platform. Things like postings can be done simultaneously from your Facebook Business Page.

Creating an Instagram Business account means ONE billion potential customers. Share what you have got through posts and videos. Connect with vibrant potential customers through fun and engaging content.

Go live and broadcast your product so that people get to know how your product can be helpful to them? And why do they have to buy your product?

Connect with them live. Have fun talks, know them, understand them, give them proper unparallel support and experience.

Want to know more and how to create an Instagram Business Account, please visit;



Posts are a great way to implant your brand in people’s hearts and minds. Posts are a very effective way to tell your potential customers what new you are bringing, how you are helping and how your product(s) is/are fun.

Stand out the picture and video posts helps increase brand awareness. They make them loyal to your brand. However, don’t overdo or underdo it because the former will make them feel forced while the latter will make them forget about your brand.


Facebook stories are getting popular day by day. As these stories are the first things your potential customers see. It is a good way of showcasing your brand as a whole. These stories will increase your brand awareness.

You can share day to day activities at your business. Encourage your employees by making them Superstars. And show the users all the goodies you are offering along the time.

Equipping your stories with engaging content is the key for the stories to be effective and captivating. Focus on content and new ideas when publishing stories. Try them to be fun and knowledgeable so users don’t go with anything. Give them something so they can keep coming back.

Live (Facebook & Instagram):

Letting users see the activities as they happen and products while using is always catchy and effective. It’s like offering the first-hand experience to them.

With the help of smartphones, it has never been easy this much. Wherever there is something exciting happening at your business, grab your smartphone and go live.

Planned an event, stream it live. Launching new products, show them live. Holding an award ceremony for your employees, show them live how important employees are to you. In short, you can go live with anything that you think will turn users into customers and then into loyal ones.


All these wonderful tools are only effective if you have a proper strategy, exciting & engaging content and a product(s) that users can buy.

Hope you have found my effort useful, if so please keep encouraging me by reading my other blogs. Thanks for reading, highly appreciated.

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