How Facebook groups can help small businesses?


Facebook has become the need of the hour especially for start-ups and small businesses. With billions of users, every business wants to promote their brand, get leads etc. through this tremendous and gigantic platform. That is why you see millions of businesses taking advantage of this huge base.

Facebook is also introducing such new features and improving existing features that make these businesses stick to them. Facebook pages is the start for any business to benefit from Facebook’s huge diverse fan base. But these pages are gradually losing their effect due to the competition and its sales-focused approach.

That is why businesses are now turning more to create groups to fill the gap and be more visible. They find these groups very useful as their members need less effort to make the customers as compared to Facebook pages.

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is a page where a community is built. A community with similar interests and ideas. Facebook group can be created on anything. It is actually creating a fan base around your brand/business. Businesses can get a great deal of exposure and brand awareness through these groups. But how these Facebook groups can help small businesses?


These groups give small businesses a more direct line of access to their fans and customers. As it is highly likely that members would-be customers or people who are interested in that brand. You can engage them directly with your promotions, stories and your products. It is also easy to reach them simultaneously with ease, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Organic Reach:

As mentioned your group will have people which actually are either your loyal customers or people interested in your brand. So keep a regular patch of postings, events, promotions etc. as the Facebook algorithm prioritizes group content. So with regular interactions, you can be the Star of your group members. This will increase your brand organic growth.

Lead Generation:

When you have led at your doorstep, then all you have to do is to convert them into customers and eventually into your loyal customers. It all depends upon how you engage them and compel them by your strategy, content, promotions to become your customers. All the necessary steps properly taken will gradually increase your customers. Many of them if entertained properly will stick to you. This will eventually generate and increase revenue for your business.


Facebook Group is like a community with people from different diasporas but with shared interests. It is the nature of the community that they will look after each other, help each other and reward each other. So show them how important your community members are to you? Give them importance, Share what new you are bringing for them? Ask them what they really need/expect from you?

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Feedback / Ideas:

Once you have made a community, their discussion will be around your brand. These discussions will include things like your weaknesses, strengths, ideas, suggestions etc. If you analyze these areas and act upon what they have given, you will definitely strengthen your bond. Always take them seriously and respect their inputs. Because all this will actually help grow your business and evolve your brand.

Brand Evolution:

When your group members feel that your brand is like their own. They will feel a strong connection with it, a connection that is not easily breakable. Then you have got plenty of people helping your brand evolve. Your brand will be definitely a part of their discussions wherever they go/travel. This will increase your brand awareness and you will have followers and fans that you never would have had reached before.


With over a billion groups on Facebook, Facebook Group has become a powerful tool to nurture your brand and get long-lasting loyal customers. Engage them with super standout attractive posts, videos and content. Surprise them with events and promotions that they cannot refuse. Value their suggestions and feedbacks. Thank them for the care they are showing towards your brand. Reward them with freebies as this will encourage them to keep doing what they are doing.

Though growing a Facebook Group is a time-consuming process, the end result will be an evolution of your brand. An evolution that will make your brand their brand!

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