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Guest posting opportunity available 

MSN GLOBAL is continually searching for new authors. When you get an idea of an article that will challenge our users, we welcome you to submit it.

Who are we looking for? Dreamers. Thinkers. Doers. Join us today if you are dedicated to learn.

You get an idea of an article that will challenge our users, we welcome you to submit it.

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What MSN Global is looking for:

We are glad to work with you. Please share your written content that will be uploaded on our website that meets the following criteria

  1. – Content niche should be technology related including website development, SEO, social media, YouTube, networking, emerging technologies like AI or robotics etc.

  2. Content should be informative not only for sales but should deliver some information to the reader.

  3. Content should not include links to the porn sites, or any adult content.

  4. Content should not have plagiarism or copied from other sources, it should be unique and copyright free.

  5. Topic and subject should be mentioned, content divided into appropriate subheadings and you can attach relevant images if applicable.

Minimum length of Article

Articles between 2000–2,500 words are recommended, depending on subject and topic. Your content should be correct without any grammatical or spelling mistakes. We accept original content that isn’t copied from other sources or going to be published on any other website.

How to Submit Articles & Blogs?

You may submit a draft, introduce a short pitch (summary of your content and why it matters to our readers), or send us your complete article. Email us your submission at

In your email, include the article, your full name, a short bio. You can also add a link to your website (a non-competing platform. Please fill in the subject line: “Guest Post Submission”. 

Once we have received your article our editor will review it and publish it straight away if it fits the requirements. If any things need to be changed we will let you know.