How to perform competitive Analysis using Social Trend Spy?

What is Competitor Analysis?

What is Social Trends Spy?

How does it work?

What are the benefits of using Social Trends Spy?

How to get it?

What is Competitor Analysis?

Digital Marketing is a way forward for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Boosting sales and getting more revenue is the ultimate goal. The importance of Digital Marketing Strategy cannot be eradicated.

Competitive Analysis is one of the major components of Digital Marketing strategy. You will get the answers to the following questions while doing competitive analysis.

What are the recent and upcoming market trends?

How to improve product/service?

What are the market gaps?

How to sell effectively?

What are the keywords that your competitor is targeting?

What is Social Trends Spy?

Social Trends Spy is a WordPress Plugin that performs competitor analysis through your website. This Word press Plugin allows you to find your competitors:

  1. Best Keywords
  2. Best Ad copy
  3. Best Ad creative
  4. Best Ad Strategy

How does it work?

Open your WordPress website dashboard

Go to Plugin

Click Add New

Click upload

Click on install.

Click on activate

The shortcut of this Plugin will pop up in the website dashboard tools menu.

Now click on Social Trends spy

Enter Data (Website) and Enter Keyword

With this data, you entered it will give us

Top posts

Posts by date

Photo posts

Video posts

Share posts

What are the benefits of using Social Trends Spy?

Social Trend Spy Plugin is a very highly profitable WordPress plugin that allows you to spy on profit-making trending Converting Ad Campaigns in any niche.

How to get it?

Download this Plugin from the official website of MSN GLOBAL I.T solution with agency register for free and start elevating your sales.

What does this package include?

  1. Extensive training
  2. Guide to find some keyword ideas according to your niche.


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