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    Website Questionnaire for New Website

    For every web design project, it’s important for both you and MSN Global to have a realistic understanding of what needs to be done, by when, and at what cost. Using a web design client questionnaire is the best way to accomplish this big task. This questionnaire will help both you and MSN Global to create a successful project.


    Organization Name



    Current Website/Domain

    Deadline for project

    Briefly describe your company:

    What services do you provide:

    What makes you better than your competition:

    What is your company slogan:

    Who is your target audience:

    What will they use your site for:

    How do you currently attract new customers:

    What are your company colors, branding guidelines, fonts:

    If you were looking for your business in a search engine, what words or phrases would you type:

    Do you need a new web site? Or web re-design?

    If it’s a re-design. What is the current content you want to keep, and what you want to get rid of:

    Will you need us to design you a logo:

    If you have a logo please provide the art files:

    Did you already purchase a domain? If yes, who with:

    Will you be providing any images for the website:

    Do you have all the content (text, info, articles, copy) available for your pages:

    Is there any specific theme/feel you want incorporated into your website:

    When people visit your site, what are some of the feelings you want to share with them:

    What colors were you looking to incorporate into the design?

    Any colors you do not want in your web design:

    List 5 websites or your competitors or business whose sites you admire.

    What are some pages you will need for your site?
    AboutHomeContactInfoFAQLocationsArchivesTestimonialServicesLinksResourcesNewsClient ListOther




    Will your site have a blog?

    Will your site have a store/shop?

    Anything else you wish to share?

    Is there anything you absolutely don’t want in your site?

    Do you wish to incorporate your social media accounts into your web site?
    Please provide the usernames:







    Special Features that you want on your website:
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