Web developer 2021 | Roadmap to became full stack web developer ?

It seems like there is a new language and technology that comes out every day so it could be difficult to stay on top of your web development game it requires constant learning and adapting and it dose not matter where you are add in web development front-end, back-end, full stack, mobile solution our web app the constant change is universal, so what technologies should you look out for in 2021..?
We are going to cover all of the current and popular web development technologies,

BY NOW MEANS so you need to learn every thing that you are seeing in the picture below

Roadmap to became full stack web developer:

ONCE YOU get comfortable with one technology start learning another this kind is going to focus on full stack web development ,
but if your goal is only front-end development or back-end development just pick out the technology that is applicable to that job role,
so if are just getting started,
lets check out some tools and software that you are going to need,

These three are the basic tools and technologies i have suggested my Favourite tools on the basis of my experience and functionality.

1. text/code Editor visual studio code(Free, opensource, great support for community and great extention)
2. web browser chrome of Firefox .
3. Editor Extensions Live server. Live sass Compiler

the next few are optional:
if your goal is to became a web designer you may want to get familiar with
-Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Gimp
At some point the deployment tools are going to necessary and i suggest you
-FTP Client , SSH tool
in the end i also recommend third party terminal like
-Git bash
especially if you are working form windows…

So again if you are just starting out i will always recommend that you start with

Now let me tell you these are not programming languages
HTML as a markup language and CSS is a style sheet language
but these are the building blocks of the web.
Every web page or web app no matter what framework or server side language you are using ultimately end up being HTML and CSS.
So you will need to learn some HTMl5 elements
1.HTML5 Elements
2.Basic CSS
a. Positioning
b. Box Model
c. FlexBox
d. Grid
e. Custom properties
3.Responsive Layouts
a. Media queries
b. Rem units
c. Mobile first
4.Browser Dev Tools

so, after you have created your basic website you are going to want to deploy it somewhere,
so the traditional approach could be getting

1.Domain name
2.Managed Hosting with Cpenel
3.FTP/SFTP File uploader – FileZilla
4.Static Hosting – Netlify, GitHub pages

Next you have to learn JAWASCRIPT. just plain Javascript without any frame work.
learn the basics of Javascript and you will be easy on React
learn the basics of Javascript.
1.vanilla JS (no framework)
a. Data type
b. Functions
c. Conditions
d. Loops
2. DOM manipulation and Event.
3. Fetch API and JSON.
4.ES6+ Features:
a. Arrow Functions
b. Promises
c. Async/Await
d. Destructing
e. Template Strings
these are all things that you are going to use in React.

Now, there are a few side technologies that you are going to learn as well.
1.Git and GitHub
2.basic command line
a. npm
b. Git
c. Navigation
3.APIs and REST(learn about how to receive data from external sources)
4.Sass(CSS with Superpowers)

Now, Lets talk about some Frameworks and Back-End languages:
So, Once you got familiar with HTML ,CSS and JawaScript
you could start moving on some frameworks.

FOR HTML/CSS – Bootstrap (the most popular framework)
FOR Front-END JS – Angular, React, View (React is most popular now)
FOR Back-END – NodeJS, Python

lets look at some technologies chart-bar against last few years

Here is the Chart Bar for languages for last decade

Now lets look at some trends to look out for 2021:

1.AI and chatbots(python, tensorFlow)
2.Intrective Design and Motion UI
3.Prograsive web Apps (PWA)
4.Responsive Web design
5.Mobile App Development
a. React Native
b. Native Script
c. Iconic
6.Desktop App Development

What’s NEXT :

1.Focus on technology used in current job or aspiring job.
2.Learn other technologies in your spare time.
3.Stay up to date with trends and technology.


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