Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

When you are a budding digital marketer, the chances are that you are already aware of most of the digital marketing trends. Aiming for a promising future in this sector is possible when a business functions by keeping the various trends in mind. Professionals of digital marketing consultancy are constantly investing their energy and time in learning new trends. Sound knowledge of the various features, algorithms, and new changes powers a digital marketer with high-end marketing campaigns. The journey from being just a business to a brand these days largely depends on how these trends are implemented. Want to know more? Stay tuned for a fantastic learning experience.

Penning Down the Most Popular Trends in Digital Marketing

We are here to update you with the latest digital marketing news where we are aiming to learn about all the latest digital marketing trends. Boosting any branding strategy dramatically is possible when digital marketers are adept with all the latest trends. Here are the trends that demand implementation in 2021:

Programmatic Advertising:

Software utilization for buying digital advertising is addressed as programmatic advertising. The conventional method incorporates proposal requests and human negotiation, but programmatic advertising is one of those marketing trends that include machines and algorithm utilization for purchasing ads. Advertisers can target particular audiences with this trend. With efficient and quick automation, it amplifies conversions and decreases customer acquisition expenditure. One example of programmatic advertising is real-time bidding that includes buying and selling of qualified ads on the basis of per-case. Visitors who are the targeted audience will be revealed to the ad with this.


Any brand trying to outperform its competitor’s needs to learn about this marketing in the 2021 trend. The emphasis must be on products, emails, and content personalization. It was one of the most significant trends even a few years back, but now it is an industry-standard that makes it a must-have in 2021. As per the stats, 90% of consumers agree to indulge in carrying out business with an enterprise if they are provided with personalized experiences. One of the finest examples for you to understand the value of personalization is through Netflix and Amazon. These two platforms offer users personalized suggested movies.

Artificial Intelligence:

There has been a big hype about how Artificial Intelligence will be taking over all the aspects of our lives in the near future. What businesses don’t realize is that the transformation is already taking place. 70% of web users are already communicating with AI chatbots for clearing queries across numerous websites and apps.

A more significant part of the content that people are consuming over social media platforms is currently fine-tuned by Artificial Intelligence technology. This makes visitors stay for longer. When it comes to digital trends 2021, AI is highly promising for digital marketers as by 2025, the value of this sector will be approximately $190 billion. Hi-tech tools like this require proper utilization.

Voice Search Optimization:

As per the statistics, more than 60% of teenagers presently utilize voice search every single day. The young generation and its massive adoption of these trends in digital marketing show how important this trend is. The take-off of this trend will take place in a big way due to several reasons. Today 30% of homes have adopted the utilization of smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Device adoption at this rate that are controlled by voice search is a giant sign of how appealing this trend seems to everyone.

Google even claims that they have attained 96% accuracy with Voice Search. Higher search precision has heightened the easy utilization factor for this trend. The process automatically undergoes personalization as there is precision when people search by voice for a particular service or product.

By the year 2022, it is estimated that 60% of online shopping will witness search through voice. Digital marketers need to get hands-on this massive $50 billion opportunity for proper exploitation. With several growth factors representing the popularity of voice search, your website must be prepared for voice search, and it will be essential for the future.

Video Marketing:

One of the top digital marketing trendsin 2021 is video marketing. The significance of incorporating a video in marketing campaigns can be well understood by learning about the stats. So 75% of businesses claim that they have experienced a better conversion rate by including videos. 80& of consumers confirm that they have always shared the videos of their favourite brands. 55% of consumers also say that they feel more confident about a brand when watching product videos before buying. Driving users with video content is 60 times more convenient in comparison to plain text.

Marketers often face challenges while displaying long texts on Smartphone screens as this becomes challenging for the users. But with videos, a brand can put forward similar information in a better manner irrespective of the device.

As per a study, if a website incorporates a video, it can increase organic search results more as people find these more captivating. So it is now time to say goodbye to those plain texts.

However, creating videos after videos is not enough. It is vital to guarantee that digital marketers are well-aware of the latest video marketing trends. A few of the trends are listed below:

  • Video advertising
  • Virtual events
  • Video content that is user-generated
  • Shoppable videos
  • Short-from videos
  • Interactive Augmented Reality content.
  • Livestreams on Smartphone devices
  • Educational and online training videos

Final Words

Indeed, the sphere of digital marketing is a dynamic one. This industry mostly experiences transformation in the various marketing methods as the emergence of new trends is a usual sight. With the advancement of technology, every year will witness newer trends, and it will change the way digital marketers from digital marketing consultancy convey their products. The best way of staying relevant in the current market is by keeping up with all the digital marketing trends. This sector is evolving by bounds and leaps where the future will perceive digital marketing as absolutely necessary for brands.

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