How to add a timer to your Website, Blog Post and E-mail? [Wp E-mail Countdown]

How to add a timer to your Website, Blog Post and E-mail? [WP E-mail Countdown]

Wp E-mail Countdown

Urgency and Scarcity are the two stimuli towards people are the most respondent. What if you are a business owner selling products like Apparel, Shoes, electronics or any service like Digital Marketing, Website Development and offering a discount of more than 50% or 70%. You cannot attract an audience without creating the urgency of time with the title “Limited time offer”.

You should find a way to display the time left to finish the Discount offer on your website or through E-mail. Psychology says, “The actions of people are prominent when there is a risk involved”. In your business, Customers have a risk of losing discount offers.

Now how we can reach and attract the audience?

What is the Psolution to the problem?

Many E-commerce stores are running online that make people rush towards their offers with timer displayed on their online store or a product.

How can you do that?

You can solve this by simply adding a plugin ” WP E-mail Countdown”.

What is WP E-mail Countdown?

WP E-mail Countdown is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a timer to your E-mails. This WordPress plugin not only works with E-mails, but it also helps to add a timer on website and blog posts.

How does WP E-mail Countdown work?

WP E-mail Counter works in WordPress and any WP theme.

It Collects leads with your countdown page using only the HTML for any

auto-responder service. Paste autoresponder code and it will automatically connect to your page.

Countdown to any date with a live text countdown that will redirect to any URL after and on the date that you choose. Use the WordPress meta options panel to have complete control over your email countdown page. Edit a variety of options, including your logo or banner image.


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