5 effective ways to promote business on Facebook. [Use of Facebook for small business]

Facebook is not merely a source of entertainment instead, over 90 million small businesses are benefitted from Facebook. Buyers visit Facebook to discover new businesses, research about customers or products and then make a purchase. According to HubSpot research 67% of the consumers are more likely to spend more on a brand they follow 84% of the consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow.

Here are the 5 effective ways to promote business on Facebook

  1. Creating Facebook page 
  2. Use Facebook Ads
  3. Social listening
  4. Social Monitoring
  5. Offer Discounts

Creating Facebook page 

What is a Facebook business page?

A Facebook business webpage that is used to expand online presence. The Facebook business webpage provides the best ROIs. 47% of the small businesses use Facebook business page to attract new consumers.

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How to create a Facebook business page?

  • Go to pages
  • Enter create a page
  • Enter Your Business Name
  • Select the suitable category
  • Write a suitable description that perfectly fits your product or service.
  • Add a display picture

Suggestion: The logo of your business should be your logo

  • Add an attractive cover photo that must define your product or service.

What are the essentials for a business page?

  • Enter information about your business.
  • Enter complete contact details (Phone Number, E-Mail, Website, Location)

Note: Your location should be on the page because HubSpot research says 78% of visitors visit the retail store of the brand they follow on social media.

  • Choose the right category because your Facebook will give the template that suits your category

Note: You can change category at any time

  • Enter Clear call to action(Call, Message, Sign up, Visit website, Book Now, Order now)

Now your business on Facebook is ready. The next step is to attract new customers. The only way to attract new customers on Facebook is by creating appealing and valued content for your customer. Your ultimate goal behind content creation should be to develop a community around your business. Develop your content strategy for word of mouth of your business.

Facebook gives less priority to the pages that promote sales content. Create content that guides and provide your visitors with useful information about your industry.

Types of Content:

  1. Text Content
  2. Image
  3. Video Content
  4. Live Video

Text Content: 

The textual format is the kind of content where you provide information in the form of text.


It is the kind of format where you share content in the form of images. Images have higher engagement than text.


The video format is one of the effective formats of content for high engagement. Arrange webinars and call the industry experts to educate your visitors about your product or visitors.

Live Steam:

Live stream has the highest engagement rate than other formats of content. Facebook will notify all your users when you start live streaming. This way you can engage more users with live streaming format of content.

Use Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads Manager is the product of Facebook; businesses use it to reach more prospects in a short time.

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Types of Ads:

Following are the types of images

  1. Single image ad
  2. Video Ad
  3. Carousel Ad
  4. Collection Ad
  5. Lead Ad

Single Image Ad:

A single image ad consists of a single image and primary text.


  • The image should be 1080 X 1080.
  • The primary text should be between 90 characters to 125 characters.
  • Write the headline of 40 characters
  • Write a description of not more than 30 characters.

Video Ad: 

Video ads have more engagement than other formats of ads. It is a more efficient way to show off your products or educate an audience about your service.


  • Create a video between 15 to 30 sec.
  • The video should display your product or service.
  • The quality of the video should be high.
  • Use original content.

Carousel Ads:

A carousel ad allows you to show up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. This ad is used to showcase multiple products or services in a single ad.

“Targeting” in Facebook ads:

Facebook allows us to target audience based on their location, demographics (Age, Gender, Behavior, Interest) and income. Targeting based on their profile allows us to reach more prospects.

Suggestions: Create a Buyer Persona to be clear about your prospect audience and to make targeting easy.

Social Listening: 

Social listening is the process of creating a community around your brand by keeping track of conversation (Mentions) about your brand.

HubSpot researched and found that:
  • 40% of customers expect a response within one hour.
  • 83% of people like it when brands respond to their questions.
  • 68% people like when brand joined the conversation
  • 48% of customers purchase with a brand that is responsive to customers.
  • 56% of the customers will unfollow a brand due to poor customer support.
 How to track:
  • Turn on notification
  • Set up messenger so you can message at the time when a customer wants to interact
  • Turn on your E-Mail notification.
  • Set up the away message feature so that your customer can get instant messages.

Social Monitoring

Social Monitoring is the process of tracking the analytics of your Facebook business page.

Matrices to measure

  • Reach
  • Followers
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Best performing posts
  • Audience Insight
  • Gender
  • Location
  • The time when they are online
  • ROIs
  • Tracking your Competitors

Engagement, Audience insights, ROIs and track of competitors are the major matrices out of above mentioned matrices. You can monitor which content is the most engaging. At what time your prospects are active. You can design an effective content strategy through these matrices.

How to monitor:

Use an analytics tool to track the performance.

  1. Use Facebook analytics
  2. Buzzsumo
  3. Social Bakers
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Rival IQ

Offer Discounts:

Offer discounts to your customers and clients to keep your fans active. It plays an important role in word of mouth.

81% of the online consumers’ purchase decision is influenced by their friends and family social media posts.

78% of the online consumers are influenced by the post of the brand they follow.


Developing a business page of a business on Facebook is profitable however it requires a strategy to engage more and more customers. Use analytics to strategize to grow your business online.

Globally over 90 million small businesses are using Facebook to grow their businesses.

With more than 2.7 billion active users, Facebook has become the most influential platform for small businesses to attract more customers and clients. Globally 60 million small businesses are being operated. Effective Facebook marketing strategy for small businesses helps to promote an online brand boost online presence and enhance their social proof. Facebook shops for small businesses has enabled small owners to sell directly from Facebook. Starting a small business on Facebook is profitable but challenging.

Here are the five reasons why Facebook is best for small owners.

  1. Facebook provides a Low-cost marketing strategy for small businesses
  2. Brand Building
  3. Promoting word of mouth
  4. Keep tracking of competitors Analysis
  5. Providing customer support to your existing and prospective customers

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