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Best Social Media Marketing Platforms in 2020


The number of worldwide social media users has been expanding for as far back as decade and the number of active users is about to reach at 3 billion before the end of 2020. Best social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on have reshaped the lives of individuals on the loose. The manner in which we impart, trade content, and invest energy in the web have changed fundamentally.

Advertisers found another channel to interface and draw in with their target audience. Organizations are using social media websites to promote their business and products. There are above 200 popular social media websites and it is a challenging job for organizations to effectively keep up their essence on all the main social media platforms. Regardless of whether a business needs to use a couple of social media platforms, it despite everything is a major task.

To make it easy to understand which social media platform is better for your business to choose for marketing we have listed here some popular social media marketing platforms. You can choose the platform of your choice that fits your needs.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms 2020



These are 77 of the most well known social media platforms that you should know about in 2020. In case you’re an marketer, some of these platforms can assist you with advertising your business and products. They can likewise help you with growing your network. In case you’re an influencer or a customer, you can use these social media websites to interface with similar interest people and make better connections.


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