SEO When Building A Website

History of SEO

History of  SEO It is accepted that SEO was born in 1991. At this time, the world’s first website was set in motion, and one rapidly turned into numerous as websites swarmed the internet. So, there was a tremendous need for structure, and the world’s first search engines were made. The practice we now know …

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Web 2.0 and its importance in SEO

Web 2.0 in SEO

Greetings! I am back again with a new topic with a valuable dose of Tech information that can assist you to shine in your field. Today, I am going to discuss Web 2.0 and its importance in SEO. This is the second article that I have written regarding SEO. You can also have a look …

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Breadcrumbs in SEO

Breadcrumbs in SEO Breadcrumbs are an important part of a website which not only tells users where they are on your website. It works as little navigational aids to the people, breadcrumbs in SEO also helps Google to understand the website structure. Hence it makes sense to add such helpful pointers. Contents What are Breadcrumbs? …

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